Coffee Curators

Coffee Curators is a facility built on education, innovation and collaboration. All people within the coffee industry are welcome and have the ability to grow their knowledge and skills. Our communal coffee roastery in Marrickville, Sydney offers a range of equipment from various suppliers of both sample roasters and production roasters. Allowing you to take control of your coffee!

Caleb Holstein


My name is Caleb Holstein

I am a proud coatsie having grown up and raised on the central coast of NSW. I had been fortunate enough to have grown up around the world of small business and the raw reality and hard work that is taken to develop, manage and grow a business from an idea or concept into reality.


Having this amazing and un orthodoxe apprenticeship at the hands of my two amazing parents & four inspiriging siblings I was able to have part owned and run my own cafe's & take away shops all at such a young age & with a wealth of amazing teachers.


I have since taken all these amazing opportunities and experiences I gained through these years along with my years working abroad & my time contract roasting for a diverse range of clientele and have collated it all to create Coffee Curators, a facility built to empower & inspire people to create, develop & grow in the coffee industry.