Origin : Costa Rica

Region : Central Valley, Hacienda Sonora.

Altitude : 1 300 mals 

Varietal : Sachimor

Tasting notes : Peaches, Pomegranate, Starfruit


A Disease-resistant coffee for a disease-resistant community!

The group of varietals of Sachimore was cultivated with parenting varietals of Hibrido de Timor and the Villa Sachi, making it leaf rust and coffee berry & stem borer resistant. A varietal that chose to adapt! We wanted to shout out to our amazing community who are adapting to the new way of life, and to people who take their part to keep our community safe! And soon hopefully, we will become a disease-resistant community! 


For a varietal that was initially built for resistance, we could not believe the complex tropical, and stonefruit notes of white peach, apricots, passionfruit and even berries!


Little more about the coffee :

Alberto Guardia, owner of the Hacienda Sonora Estate has become a pioneer in Honey and Natural processing techniques ever since 1999 when coffee prices hit a historically low point.


After picking, these sachimores are dried in black tarp for 12 days. Before getting the final dry on a mechanical dryer, the coffees are rested for 3 days in the warehouse at low humidity. 


Recommended espresso recipe

D: 20g 

Y: 44g

T: 18seconds

Costa Rica Hacienda Sonora Sachimor Natural