Origin : Ethiopia

Region : Yirgacheffe / Aleye Fulasa

Altitude : 2005 mals

Varietal : Mixed Heirloom Varieties 

Tasting Notes : Lemon, lemongrass, floral, Green tea, lemon iced tea


The Ayele Fulasa is part of the MTC Sucafinas “Lalisaa Project”. August 2019 was when we first met this coffee, through an amazing opportunity of working together on an intimate dinner event with the MTC Sucafina team to showcase the project to Sydney roasters! From event and cupping, we fell in love with this lemon candy like coffee. Fresh off the roaster its more like a lemon green tea, lemongrass but as it ages, the floral aspects of the coffees and candied lemons are more noticeable!


Our single origins are Omni roasted, great for both filters and espressos.

GC Ethiopia Ayele Fulasa Natural