Origin Timor Leste aka East Timor 

Region : Letefoho Lutlala

Altitude : 1 400 – 1 900 masl

Varietal : Hibrido de Timor & typica 

Tasting notes : plum, melon, syrupy mouthfeel, dark chocolate, black berries


We had the opportunity to taste this Letefoho Lutlala natural at @sucafinaspecialty_asiapacific lab as they shared the ongoing works they were doing to improve the quality of coffees and the quality of lives of those who were involved in coffee production in East Timor, in partnerships with local communities around the Lutlala processing station.

We were super stoked and surprised cupping this very coffee, with its sparkling apple cider acidity along with the plum and clean red wine notes.

Fast forward to today, we're excited to be showcasing a coffee that has a great story behind it (and of course taste amazing too) as one of our single origins 💫

Timor Leste Letefoho Lutlala Natural

Whole Bean or Ground